Name: Jamie Rose
Age: 22
Comment: I love Blue Lagoon : ) The Staff is friendly and helpful, the prices are great, and the beds work fast and well. I'm slightly addicted to tanning.

Name: Hayley Hendel
Age: 17
Comment: Blue Lagoon has a fantastic staff and a really chill atmosphere. I really enjoy coming to tan when i get the chance. Thanks Blue Lagoon!

Name: Heike
Age: 47
Comment: Awesome all around!!

Name: Molly Adler
Age: 26
Comment: Nicole is awesome!

Name: Krista Cox
Age: 18
Comment: I love Blue Lagoon Tanning Salon. It's affordable and their high intensity bed works better then any other bed I've ever used!

Name: Chelsey Smith
Age: 22
Comment: Great beds and amazing service!

Name: Audra Spiker
Age: 32
Comment: I have been a frequent customer for over a year now! I love the environment and Nicole is always so friendly. This is the one splurge that makes me feel great regularly.