It’s Time to Hear from Tucson’s Web Visitors

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It’s Time to Hear from Tucson’s Web Visitors

Feedback becomes extremely necessary to a web site’s survival for two reasons. First, it shows that there is actually interest and relevance to a web site or blog. Second, and most important for us, it gives our authors new and different ways to think about the computer repair industry as a whole. After all, we don’t write these pages and blogs for our own purposes, but rather in the hope that someone somewhere, hopefully in Tucson, will find the computing and technology topics valuable and interesting. To that end, we are officially opening our blog articles for comments!

At this time, there is no official blog commenting policy because we want to see what our users do with this new found freedom. However, due to the massive amount of blog spam and drive by web visitors, we will still moderate comments. All that we ask is that your blog comments be interesting, relevant to the computer repair and/or technology industries, and somewhat interesting. Aside from that, try not to waste our time with the following:

  • Tech Support Requests. This is not a forum for computer help. If you would like to request tech support or general computer repair service from Xcentech, please Contact Us.
  • Link Requests. All such requests need to be made here.
  • Advertisements of ANY kind. This is self explanatory.
  • Customer Concerns. All such requests need to be made here.
  • Blog comments that are offensive, vulgar or annoying. You will be blocked.

So there you have it. Start commenting on what you like about our blog posts, what you would like more information about, something that we may have incorrect, or just let us know that you are reading. We look forward to seeing what Tucson wants to know about the vast world that is the web!

Ready, Set…Comment!


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