Our Process


Phone or In Person Consulatation

Gather your Website Wishes, Dreams, and Goals

This is where we sit down with you and get your ideas, wishes, dreams,
and desires down on paper.

In addition, it allows us to ask key web technology
questions that you may not have
thought about yet.

We bring everything we talked
about back to our offices and
compile it into a logical list of
items and ideas. This also allows
us to do any pending research to answer any
critical questions.

Compilation Phase 1

We Build a Logical List of Items and Ideas



Go over the list of ideas with you

We now go over the list with you to make sure we are on the same page about concept,
design, content, and focus. Any new ideas we may have had since the last meeting are
discussed and categorized now.

The final list of items is recompiled and changed accordingly. At this point, the entire site plan is broken down into logical site sections and put into an official document called the “requirements document.”

Compilation Phase 2

Finalize the list of items and create a site plan


Meeting 3

Finalization of the Website Plan and Functionality

This is the last chance to polish any last minute changes and come to a solid agreement
with the client about functionality, sections, content focus, and overall design.
To this end the client must initial each piece of the requirements document. Should
there actually be last minute changes, they must be spelled out in
writing during this meeting and initialed by both parties. Final
initials on all sections are a signification that there will be no other
changes to consider before the bid is calculated and the contract
signed. Clients will be charged an additional processing fee for
changes made after this step.

Domains Like Magic now has a final meeting with the web design team at which all requirements
are broken into logical project segments. From these, time and cost analysis is
performed and a final contract is created which outlines cost, timeframe, legal terms,
and estimated maintenance costs.

Final Compilation & Bid Creation

We Put it all together in a nice pretty package


Contract Presentation

We Review the Contract and answer any last minute questions.
The contract is presented and terms are reviewed with the client. Work begins immediately
after the down payment is processed and cleared.


Content Creation

We work with you to create all the content needed for your site


Layout and Presentation

This is where we work on the “Look” of your new website
We work with multiple designers to get the exact look and feel you are looking for.

You’ve put years of hard work into your site, don’t let that go to waste.  We will migrate any old content, and redirect your google rank to your new site.

Old Site Migration

Transfer your Existing Website Google Rank to your Newly Designed Site


Website Launch

Launch of your new site.
This is where the party begins. We Launch your new site for the world to see.


Visit our gallery to see the work we have done in the past, or see what some of our clients have to say about us on our testimonials page.

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