Using WordPress As a Website

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Using Word-Press As A Website

When deciding which platform to choose for a new website, Word-press should be among your top considerations. The Word-press platform is super functional. You can use it to build a professional looking, fully functional website without having to code it yourself.

You can use Word-press plug-ins to add more functionality to your site. Building a professional looking blog or business page using Word-press can be easier than you think. Word-press also features a lengthy FAQ and online support that will help you build your website specifically to your taste and satisfaction.

The Word-press platform is used by millions of online business forums and can be customized to meet your specific website needs. Customize themes, pages, backgrounds, texts and descriptions easily with a Word-press driven website.

The Word-press platform removes the need for coding knowledge and you can easily embed YouTube video, images or even podcast on Word-press.

Why Use Word-Press?

There are a number of good reasons why you should choose Word-Press as your website platform. Here are just a few common reasons people choose to use Word-Press.

  • Word-Press is a very customizable platform with many features that will meet most website needs.
  • Word-Press has a number of plug-ins that will help you integrate your media with the system easily without the need for coding experience.
  • Word-Press offers free or paid options that can handle your website needs. You can make your website a reality today.
  • Word-Press is complete with a lengthy FAQ and tech support. More options are available with the paid options.
  • The price of maintaining a paid Word-Press venue for your website is comparable to using other sites with less functionality.

How Do I Get Started?

To get started on Word-Press there are a few things you will need to do.

  • You will need hosting if you choose to use a paid version of Word-Press. You can download Word-Press to your website manager through your hosting gateway. If you’re using the free version of Word-Press, you need only to log into your Word-Press account and create a page.
  • Whether you are using a paid or free version of Word-Press you need to choose a theme for your page. Word-Press offers free and paid themes that you may choose from or you can upload a compatible theme from another location.
  • Once you have chosen a theme you will want to customize and personalize your new page. You can add backgrounds, header images, logo or tag-lines. Add images, original content or embed you-tube videos to really make the website your own.
  • Add an about or contact page to your new website. Create a cover page that shows what your website is all about. Word-Press offers lots of options to help you create the perfect website for your specific needs.

Who Uses Word-Press?

Word-Press websites are used by the pro’s the world over to provide their companies and website users with top quality, functional websites for a fraction of the cost of building them from the ground up. Word-Press has taken the work out of building websites and made them available to anyone with the need or want to have a website of their own.


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