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The DOGON is the tribe that has refused any outside influence or domination. They have chosen to remain authentic and to preserve their ancestor's life style.

The DOGONS are from the MANDING or MANDE. In the 13th century, when people decided to convert to ISLAM, the DOGONS who were masters of the religion and guardians of the tradition refused that change. To protest they decided to become exiles. They followed the valley of the river Niger to find the plain near MOPTI before they rejoin the cliffs which go from BANDIAGARA to HOMBORI. They have different dialects, they believe in a GOD called "AMA", they are faithful to their ancestors beliefs. Much archaeological research reveals that the cliff of BANDIAGARA was occupied from the 1st to the 3rd century by the TOLLOY, followed by the TELLEM, from the 11th to the 15th century, then the DOGONS from the 15th century to the present.

An African preserved and cultural sanctuary, the Dogon country occupies a plateau which rises from the land of MACINA until SANGHA to break in a peak which dominates from several hundreds of meters the plain of Seno. That's the cliff of BANDIAGARA.

The Dogon country, classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, is a sanctuary which we penetrate with patience, ready to accept the radical strangeness of a cultural universe whose the values rest on a philosophy and a religion extraordinarily complex and rich that has been ignored by history for decades. The discovery of the mineral and cultural wealth of the Dogon universe, this wonderful and fascinating world, requires a guide's assistance. Dogon respects strangers and deserves to be respected back. Villages are comprised of mosaic houses called "Ginna." Every house clings to the least ledge or is stuck to the cliff. The architecture consists of houses, granaries ( round or square ), and Toguna. Other attractions include the divination table, as well as the Tellem's caves, and the Dogon dances and masks.

Site and Curiosities

  • Bandiagara: Between the plain and the cliffs.
  • Caves of Deguimbere: Historic site where el Hadj Omar Tall went missing in 1864.
  • Songho: Village well known for its rock painting.
  • Sangha: Its 13 villages constitutes the departure point of all the excursions in Dogon country. It's in Sangha where the cliff is the most astonishing; we can visit magnificent villages such as Banani and its 4 areas, Ireli, and Tireli, where the habitats of troglodytes are very impressive.
  • Bankass: Passage point toward the villages of the cliff, such as Kani-kombole and Ende.
  • Hogon: Supreme dignitary of Dogons, spiritual chief. Hogon is the most important personality in the community.
  • Toguna: The Toguna is a shed built on 8 pillars corresponding to the first Dogon ancestors, and supporting a stem roof.
  • Dogon masks
  • The divination table

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